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Youth Social Entrepreneurship Session 2011


In the month of September 2011, The NGO World in collaboration with YES Network Pakistan conducted a 3 days (09-11 Sep, 2011) training on Youth Social Entrepreneurship. This was an exciting new opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneurs to gain a recognized qualification in Youth Social Entrepreneurship. The training was helpful for young people to gain the appropriate knowledge, skills, resources, and attitudes they need to secure jobs or to start their own social enterprises.

The NGO World Foundation in collaboration with YES Network Pakistan is working to develop and implement high-quality youth social entrepreneurship training sessions.

The main purpose of this training was to educate and prepare young people who are considering embarking on an entrepreneurial career to address the issues related to social development. The training in youth social entrepreneurship prepares students for innovatively addressing community needs with a combination of entrepreneurial practices and social purposes through for-profit, non-profit and governmental sectors.
30 participants attended this training. This three-day training on youth social entrepreneurship was designed to assist those young people who would like to:

  • Become his/her boss by starting a social enterprise/organization/institution
  • Bring change in their communities
  • Identify and execute practical and innovative solutions to social problems
  • Learn the process of creating new products and services
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment for the betterment of the society but not with charity driven approach


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