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The NGO World has been established in 2009 as a platform clustering the Non-Governmental Organizations and their representatives willing to join hands in the field of social welfare, sustainable development and strengthening cooperation links within the sector. Since that It is involved in the number of projects aimed at strengthening networking…Read More

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WDN- The NGO World Foundation
SDGS- The NGO World Foundation
SWERA- The NGO World Foundation

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TNW Model Outreach 01- The NGO World Foundation

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Forest ,animals, people, houses are burning in turkey.😢💔
May Allah protect our brothers, sisters and wildlife in Turkey. Ameen 🤲🤲


We support international #nonprofit #organisations to achieve the #SDGs, mitigate the impact of #COVID19 & devote themselves to their #humanitarian or #development projects on the ground.
Our innovation: #donations = 0 commission

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