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Turkey Red Crescent has visited ZEST Karachi centers

June 25, 2018 (Saturday)
TNW has been implementing Non-Formal Education project in Karachi from last 3 years with the support of Turkey. Respected Mr. Ibrahim, Country Representative, Turkey Red Crescent has visited ZEST Karachi centers. During his visit, he had communication and conversation with ZEST School teachers and students. Mr. Shakeel’ Ahmed, program Manager TNW Karachi office also companied him.

Mr. Ibrahim visited TNW Training Hall at Pasban Choke for ZEST teachers. He praised the quality and well-established training hall for teachers. Mr. Shakeel shared the detail of multipurpose use of Training hall. It uses for monthly meetings, capacity building workshops, orientation sessions and group activities for teachers.

Lastly, Mr. Shakeel showed TNW’s Community Learning Centre” to Mr. Ibrahim. He told that TNW plans to establish a multipurpose community earning center for Banali Para community. This center will be used for learning, education, skill enhancement, sports, knowledge, health, and coordination.

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