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TNW Managed 501 Cataract Surgeries of Deserving Persons from Karachi Slums

A special screening camp was also organized at EDHI Centre for mentally ill women and 22 women were given cataract surgery services.

 All 501 patients were provided free of cost services with medicine and pick and drop.

 20 May 2018:
TNW Foundation successfully executed a “Cataract Surgery Project” at Karachi. The objective was to provide Eye care services, awareness and Cataract surgeries in proposed areas of Karachi.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal (Executive Director – The NGO World) Mr. Turgut Durmus & Mr. Khalid (From Deniz Feneri, Turkey) inaugurated the surgery camp. They visited screening camps and had chat with patients. They also visited hospitals and physically observed the surgery process.

During the period of a month, TNW organized 28 eye screening camps at different locations of Karachi to get maximum patients for cataract surgery. During screening camps, 3300 people were examined and provided with eye care services. A special screening camp was organized at EDHI Centre for mentally disabled women. 22 women were given cataract surgery services.

To ensure the best medical services, TNW selected state of the art health facilities for execution of cataract surgeries. Total 501 Cataract surgeries have been done in this project. By the Grace of Allah SWT, not a single patient came with any complication regarding cataract surgery. 45 patients were provided glasses for better eye sighting.

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