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TNW Celebrated Pakistan Day at ZEST Schools

March 23, 2018

23rd March Pakistan resolution day is a nationwide day for Pakistan. This day is been experiential as a public day every part of over Pakistan. This is actually the day when the meaning of independence for the Muslims of the Subcontinent was clearly laid out to the world.

TNW celebrates the days belongs to Pakistan every year with full zeal & zest. The purpose to celebrate these events is to create awareness among students regarding Pakistan resolution, struggles, and sacrifices. This year, TNW organized Pakistan Day celebrations in its all ZEST schools. School children dressed up in neat and colorful dresses, polished shoes and appear tidy to perform on the national songs and showcased their patriotism in full spirits. Students presented national songs, tableaus and mime performances.

ZEST Teachers and TNW Team expressed their love with this country. This is our country and we all feel proud of it. So why not fuel up our passion and come up with imaginative ways to celebrate this day and pledge to do what we can to make it a better place to live.

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