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TNW and The International Youth Gathering


Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) is an umbrella organization based at Istanbul, Turkey. UNIW is operational since 31st December 2005 and has 302 global partners from 62 countries currently.

Every year, UNIW organizes International Youth Gathering (IYG) in different countries. UNIW has decided to organize its 14th International Youth Gathering in Lahore, Pakistan from 28th – 30th September 2018. Prominent people belonging to various walks of life are gracing this event with their participation and will be the source of motivation for the youth attending the event.

The theme of this year is “Union for Peace”.

As a collaborative partner of UNIW, The NGO World participated as panelist and participant. 05 youth representatives from TNW had participated as the youth for 03 days of the conference. Mr. Sajjad Nayyer, Manager Resource Mobilization, TNW has represented TNW as the guest speaker in a panel discussion “How Education instrumental in Peace Building”.

Prominent personalities from all walk of life have participated as guest speaker during the conference. Almost 400 youth participated from 16 countries. There was the representation of Turkey, Afghanistan, Yamen, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Sudan etc… Representation from all Pakistan also graced the event.

Mr. Ali Kurt, General Secretary of “The Union of The NGOs of Islamic World” inaugurated the event. He expressed his deepest pleasure to organize the event in Pakistan. He also thanked the Al-Khidmat Foundation for organizing the event in an organized way.

Mr. Sardar Bayram, President, Young UNIW, welcomed all the participants. He shared the history and detail of International Youth Conference. He requested all the participants to grab the essence of this gathering. This going to be a great platform and opportunity for all youth. 

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Mangat, Secretary General, Al-Khidmat Foundation addressed the audience and welcomed to International Youth Conference.

In the closing ceremony, Honorable, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Ihsan Mustafa Yardakul and Senator Siraj ul Haq were the chief guest. Participants were distributed shields and certificates.

While international delegation visited Islamabad after IYC, TNW visited  TİKA Pakistan and met with Country Head Mehmet Emre Aktuna, Selahattin Batur Pakistan Director of TÜRKİYE MAARİF VAKFI, Ibrahim Carlos Head of Pakistan Delegation of Turkish Red Crescent. ‬Honorable brother Mehmet Emre shared the current interventions of TIKA in Pakistan and also shared the opportunities. Sajjad Nayyer, Manager Resource Mobilization, TNW shared the working of TNW and projects su[ported by Turkish organizations, specially TIKA. He also shares the engagement of youth and universities. 

TNW also honored to host the dinner for the international delegation and Al-Khidmat of IYC. Mr. Sajjad Nayyer, TNW presented the honorary shield to brother Sardar Bayram, President Young UNIW. All the participants from foreign countries thanked TNW for organizing dinner. 

It was the great opportunity for TNW and other youth from all over Pakistan for been part of this event.  It was great gestures from all Muslim Youth for each other.


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