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35 Female Teachers trained in First Aid skills

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]In continuation of capacity building of ZEST schools teachers in First Aid, 2nd Group of 35 teachers training on arranged by The NGO World at Karachi on 17-18 September 2018. Training was conducted by Youth & Volunteer Department, Sindh with the collaborations of Training Department of PRC-Sindh.

TNW believes in enhancing the skills and capabilities of the community especially teachers in different life skills. First Aid training is one of the basic training of daily life. TNW realizes the importance of this training. Ms. Anita Shaheen and Mr. Atif from PRC Youth and Volunteer department conducted 02-day training. The training consists of the following topics;

Introduction to RCRC movement

Introduction to first aid

An objective of first aid

First aid kit

DRABC and recovery position

Wounds and bleeding


Shock and fainting



Bone, joint and muscle injuries

Heat and cold exposure

Burn /Electrical injuries

Short distance transportation

At the end of training, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed of TNW thanked both trainers for their facilitation. He also thanked PRCS for their collaboration and timely initiative for this training. At the end of the training, all participants have presented certificates.

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