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Session on “Youth 4 SDGs”


Pakistan has prioritized the Sustainable Development Goals which will enable us to join the league of upper-middle-class countries by 2030. Pakistan was the first country to adopt the SDGs 2030 agenda through a unanimous resolution of parliament.

We believe that SDGs agenda for development isn’t an international agenda; it is our own agenda. It reflects our ambition and desire to give our people the better quality of life. Therefore, we must take ownership of SDGs with complete devotion and passion.

Young people have a critical stake in ensuring the SDGs are achieved and a vital role to play in contributing towards their achievement. Gifted with imagination, energy, and cheerfulness, they have the potential to be the key drivers of sustainable development at the local, national and global level. Therefore, as the future inheritors of this planet, young people must spearhead the sustainable development movement and build a new system of governance founded on knowledge sharing, cooperating and prioritizing issues such as extreme poverty, our anthropogenic impact on Earth, increasing inequality, and a growing complexity of governance.

To join the #Act4SDGs campaign and celebrate SDGs week (22-29 September 2018) along with UN, TNW organized a daylong session on “Youth 4 SDGs” at Islamabad office. 15 university students were participated and had orientation, discussion, group work and action planning on SGDs. Mr. Sajjad Nayyer conducted the session.

The session objectives were to:

  • Evaluate Pakistan’s performance towards the achievement of the SDGs.
  • Build a common understanding of the SDGs.
  • Showcase examples of successful campaigns, research, and projects that have led to the advancement of the SDGs.
  • Explore the actions young people should take to put the SDGs into practice.
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration between youth and student groups to advance the SDGs.
  • Raise awareness of the SDGs among young people in Pakistan.

All participants were given the assignment to make the plan of action to celebrate SDGs week and campaign.

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