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Session on “Presentation Skills”


“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will”

TNW organized a daylong session on “Presentation Skills” for volunteers on presentation skills under its PATH (Pakistan Youth) program.  Total 15 volunteers from CUST University were participants. The purpose of the session was to gain tools, learn techniques and practice skills leading to increased presentation confidence, and improved verbal presentation skills. The session was designed to teach participants the fundamentals of effective technical presentation skills and confidence to generate compact and well-thought-out documents and to present their reports to an audience with a convincing and memorable impact.

Sir Atiq Mirza, Conducted the session and shared important & technical skills regarding presentation. Group work was assigned to all participants to present their last few days learning experience. It helped them to know the presentation skills. They came to know that how to present work, project or assignment.

Participants were pleased to share their experience of presentation. They shared that there were lots of areas of improvement in regards to presentation. This session helped them a lot to get the better idea and technical skills. It would be beneficial for their future work as well.

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