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One Day Workshop for Livestock Farmers on “Productive use of Profit Earned as BARKAT Partner”


  • 09-12-2019 Khanewal: A workshop was organised at TNW Community Centre khanewal #TNWCC by The NGO World Foundation (Barkat Project). Total 80 BARKAT project partners (household livestock farmers) and community members attended this day long workshop.
    After welcome note by the founder of organisation, project manager Barkat shared the training objectives with the participants.

Key resource person of the workshop Mr. Atiq ur Rehman Mirza delivered knowledge and practical ideas to make best productive use of the profit Barkat partner’s earn after caring their animals and hard work for 6-8 months.
One of the key element of the sessions (including case studies) was to sensitize that how we should start a small business or enhance our livestock farm with the small money they earn.

On completion of the workshop successful partners of last year were honoured with local Punjabi Turbans.

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