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Graduation Ceremony for ZEST Students. Minister for Literacy and NFE Awarded Certificates

05 December 2019 Karachi: On completion of academic session (2016-2019) of 25 ZEST Non-Formal Schools, a graduation and certificates distribution ceremony was organized in Karachi. Minister for Literacy and Non-Formal Education, Government of Punjab, Raja Rashid Hafeez graced the event as chief guest. Secretaries of Literacy & NFE department of Punjab and Sindh provinces were also there to appreciate and acknowledge the successful students.

Through Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) of three years, 630 students from 25 ZEST Non-Formal Schools have passed their 5th grade exams and are moved to next level (elementary schooling).

It was a day of celebration for these 630 students who were out of school three years ago, and also THE NGO WORLD (ZEST Project) on bringing them towards books. The achievers including ZEST project team, teachers and even parents were excited to see the amazing product.

Chairman of The NGO World Mr. Zafar Iqbal briefed the guests about the background and achievements of ZEST project for teaching out of school children living in urban slums of Karachi.

He expressed his heartiest congratulations to students, teachers and ZEST project team for their untiring effort and valuable contribution for the target community. He spoke high about the donor organisation “Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi” whose generous support made the project possible and enabled to contribute in raising literacy rate.

In his speech he acknowledged the coordination and guidance of Directorate of Literacy & Non-Formal Education Government of Sindh. He was also thankful to JICA team for their technical support in time of need.

Mr. Muhammad Alam Thaeem, Director Literacy & NFE department, Sindh, shared his encouraging remarks and views about ZEST schools. He told that ZEST project has been providing quality education to these students. He added that the ZEST is being considered as a model project on NFE for other organisations and government departments.

Honourable Minister along with distinguished guests presented certificates to the young students and appreciated the efforts by all stakeholders towards promoting the culture of education in neglected areas.

Under ZEST program, THE NGO WORLD has enrolled over 3000 out of school children by establishing around 100 Non-Formal Education Centres in slums of Karachi. In coming months remaining students will also pass through the final evaluation process for next level.

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