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GEAR & TNW sign MoU

KARACHI: Generating Employment Alternatives for Self-Reliance (GEAR) and The NGO World Foundation (TNW) have signed a Letter of Understanding at TNW’s Training Learning Centre in Karachi today. The Letter of Understanding was signed by Professor Mohammad Ekhlaque Ahmed Chairman GEAR, and Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman of TNW following a meeting in which a detailed presentation on TNW was delivered.

According to the Letter of Understanding, both organisations will partner to impart education to under-privileged children across country. They have also agreed to launch projects that will improve the standards of education, organize workshops for teachers, and share academic resources.

Generating Employment Alternatives for Self-Reliance (GEAR). It is a registered Welfare Trust of Pakistan. The concept starts with the ideology to provide financial support to skilled individuals for their self-survival with honor and dignity. GEAR is not only providing financial support but also helping them for the improvement of their livelihood and business income. We aim to achieve long term social stability and business sustainability of the family.

“They agreed to launch projects that will improve the provision and standards of education”

The NGO World Foundation provides quality education to under-privileged children across Pakistan. “We operate with the highest level of corporate governance and transparency,” said Mr Zafar Iqbal, CEO TNW.

Presently, TNW is providing quality education to 5000+ students through a network of 116 ZEST-NFE model schools nationwide. TNW adopts one room – one teacher model school. This allows TNW to build on local’s existing infrastructure and implement reforms focusing on student enrollment, retention, drop-out, and national & international academic standards. TNW model focuses on provision and training of teachers, student learning and assessment, and character-building in addition to providing vital missing facilities. In the last three years, TNW’s intervention in non-formal based schools has produced positive outcomes: student enrolment has increased by 53 percent, and students’ average test scores have improved by 32 percent. We have also ensured that TNW students have access to basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, proper washrooms, clean school premises, etc.

Dr. Muhammad Shahid (Chairmen Social Work Department, Karachi University) and Dr. Mumtaz Ali (Assistant Professor Sociology Department, University of Sindh) attended the MoU signing ceremony along with community representatives and appreciated the mutual efforts of TNW & GEAR team.

“I am impressed with the work being done by TNW to develop learning resources for children in Pakistan and launching of GEAR-ZEST Schools,” said Mr Zafar Iqbal, after viewing a presentation on TNW’s interventions. Professor Mohammad Ekhlaque Ahmed stated at the occasion, “GEAR and TNW are like-minded organizations who are endeavoring to provide quality education to under-privileged children to build a prosperous, forward-looking Pakistan.”

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