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Awareness session for livestock farmers (Barkat Partners)


Khanewal (April 20, 2016), Barkat Project team of The NGO World managed a one day awareness session for its project partners.  Around 100 livestock farmers (household level) gathered on a local point for this purpose.

Mr. Naeem Ullah Khan (Islamic Micro Finance consultant of Barkat Project) briefed the farmers about Barkat Project methodology that is based on Mudarabah Principles. He explained how the Barkat project is benefiting the local small livestock farmers with provision of cows, calves and related medication facilities.

Dr. Sohail Ahmad (Additional Principal Veterinary Officer Tehsil Kabirwala) delivered a detailed lecture specifically on “How to get maximum benefit by farming calves/goats to be sold at qurbani occasion”.

He emphasis was on following main points;

  • Points to keep in mind while purchasing the animals
  • Availability of proper holding space
  • Quality feeding of animals
  • Importance of water for the animals
  • Proper handling health related issues

Dr. Sohail also responded the questions raised by the farmers.

Officials of the livestock department and local community appreciated the program managed by Barkat Project team and rated it beneficial for the small farmers. At the end livestock department distributed a few important medicines to the farmers.

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