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ZEST Schools celebrating 70th Independence Day of Pakistan


The ZEST Schools at Karachi, Multan and District Khanewal came alive with children of all ages wearing colorful national dresses. They gathered to commemorate the 70th Independence Day of their homeland. The day began with a special assembly in which inspiring leaders of the ZEST Schools spoke to staff and students about the importance of the day and respect for our national flag.
Students sang patriotic songs and shared their views in speeches. They also performed a skit and some dressed up as Pakistan’s great leaders while others wore clothes representing different cultures across the country. Different classroom activities were also planned for the students.
The ‘Milli Naghmy’ empowered and renewed hope, promises and high aspirations. The speeches by the students and the faculty were inspiring and aimed to increase patriotism and determination.
All ZEST schools Teacher’s, supervisors and support staff heartily participated in the celebration.



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