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Over the past few months, TNW has had several successes in ZEST NFE schools at Karachi.  The reason for this success was our teachers using some unique and effective techniques to provide non-formal education in a better, entertaining and interactive way. We also identified areas in which our teachers need more teaching techniques, resources, and support. Therefore, TNW organized “5 Day Training on Package “C”, The training consisted of 02 batches, total of 75 teachers and 5 supervisors were trained in Package “C”. The following experts were conducted the training: Mr. Manzoor uqaili, Deputy Director from the directorate of literacy and non formal education department, Govt of Sindh, Ms. Professor Attia Tabasum Bhutto, from Govt college, Ms. Saima Idrees, Supervisor from The NGO World Foundation and Shakeel Ahmed, Project Manager, ZEST schools project Karachi.

The training was interactive as consider as a classroom. Group activities done by teachers and demonstrate 4 group leaders.

In order to understand the effectiveness of the training, a questionnaire was given to all the teachers to be filled in before and after the workshop. The first form (PS 1) was given to the teachers at the time of registration and they were requested to submit the same before the workshop began. The second form (PS 2) was given to them at the end of the last day of training.

Key takeaways of teachers based on their feedback (Other than training content):

1. The importance of using speaking and listening activities in class

2. Behavior management- and the importance of trusting the child

3. Integrating reading comprehension.

4. Moving children towards a growth mindset.

5. Make writing an everyday process for the child

On the last day of, a certificate distribution ceremony was held. The ceremony was graced by Dr. Shagufta Bibi, Deputy Director from Directorate of literacy and Non-Formal Education, Govt. Of Sindh, Ms. Hina Shaikh from Sindh Capacity Development,  Mr. Mehboob Elahi, Provincial Coordinator from JICA, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman “The NGO World Foundation. They all congratulated to all teachers and especially to all trainers for their effortless contribution. Mr. Zafar Iqbal said that this kind of trainings are very important to enhance the capacity of teachers, but it must be used in classrooms.

We hope to see these techniques and methods introduced in all our classrooms.

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