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Social Media Session for AAP Members


On 19th August 2013, Mr. Zafar Iqbal (Executive Director, The NGO World) conducted a one day session on Social Media for Getting Results to the members of Al-Hijra Alumni Pakistan (AAP) at Al-Hijra Residential College Ziarat, Quetta.

Total 50 members of Al-Hijra Alumni attended the session.

Special Attendees:

  • Mr. Abdul Karim Saqib (Founder Al-Hijra Trust UK) – Chief Guest
  • Mr. Abdur Rehman Usmani (CEO Al-Hijrah Trust)
  • Mr. Azhar Iqbal Qureshi (General Secretary Al-Hijrah Trust)
  • Mr. N.A Kaukab (Principal Al-Hijrah College)
  • Mr. Tariq Hussain (Admin Al-Hijrah College)

Topics Covered:

  • Introductory session: knowing strengths and weaknesses of participants/self exploring
  • All about social media: importance of social media, positive aspects of social media, setting goal and objectives of using social media and strategy of using social media.
  • Tips and guidelines of using social media for getting results

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