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Mentoring Session for the Teachers


The NGO World organized a Mentoring Session for the faculty members of the RIDA College (An organ of the TNW), Mahni Siyal, Khanewal and the teachers of local educational institutions on August 03, 2018 at AIMS School Mahni Siyal, Khanewal. Mr. Rao Muhammad Ijaz, Principal, RIDA College welcome Mr. Atiq ur, Rehman Mirza. Mr. Mirza delivered a short speech to the students of the college. In his speech, he appreciated the Principal and staff of the RIDA College whose tireless efforts shown the best result in the area. He also motivated the students that you can achieve the realistic goals of your life with proper planning and sincere efforts. He advised the students to respect and take care of your parents and teachers’ guidelines for the better future. He promised to have a detailed guidance and motivational with the students of RIDA College in near future. 
Later on, a Mentoring session was held at High Aims School. There was a total of 28 participants. 24 were females and 4 male participants in the session. There were 13 participants from RIDA College, 10, from Al-Qaim School, 2 from Government Girls High School, 2 from Rising Star School and one from Laurel School. 
Mr. Mirza introduced himself to the participants and asked the participants to introduce themselves. He started the session with some perception skills exercises and persuade the participants to think outside of the box. He conveyed the message that our perception is depended on our limited knowledge, exposure, and observation. He emphasized the participants to observe keenly each and everything around you by using all the five senses. Then he moved to the definition, model, and process of communication. He highlighted the characteristics of SMCR Model, the importance of feedback and the role of external and internal environment during communication. 
Mr. Mirza also emphasized on self-awareness, He moved from self-development to motivation skills. His presentation and delivery deeply involved the participants in the session. He informed the participants that sky is not the limit for those who have high goals, realistic planning, targeted efforts and prayers to Allah SWT. 
The participants convey their thanks to TNW, RIDA College, and Mirza Atiq Mirza for a fruitful session through their representative and also requested to arrange such training sessions regularly. Mr. Rao Ijaz, Principal, RIDA College conveyed his vote of thanks to TNW, participants and Mr. Mirza for a successful Session. He promised the participants to arrange such training sessions for them regularly. 
Mr. Atiq also conveyed his thanks to the TNW, Mr. Ijaz Principal RIDA College and the participants for nice coordination and participation & Mr. Hasnain Raza Raan for a nice arrangement of training aids. He also distributed the certificates among the participants.

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