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Create Opportunities…. Through Microenterprise Development

November 18 & 19, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)

TNW Foundation always realizes the importance of youth for development in any program. To ensure the meaning full participation of youth in countries development, TNW Foundation arranged and conducted 02 Days training on “Microenterprise Development to Promote Self-employment among Youth” under one of its core program, “Pakistan Youth (PATH) on 18-19 November 2017. Total 22 participants (Youth) were participated. All the selected youth belong to ZEST schools project area. TNW Foundation believes to make youth more responsible and beneficial citizen of the country. So TNW Foundation felt the need of training on entrepreneurship for youth of project area. Respected Atiq Mirza sab was the lead trainer. In 02 Days training, participants received information, orientation and new concepts on the following topics;

• Employment Vs Income Generation/Micro Entrepreneurship
• Elements of Successful Entrepreneurship
• Market Survey/Business Cycle/Planning
• Economic Feasibility Study /Marketing Concepts
• Business Record Keeping
• Customer Relationship/ Managing Start Up Money
• Workshop closing & Distribution.
Participants were thankful to TNW for this very informative training. They said that it would be beneficial for their business and start up business. They emphasized on continuation of this training.



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