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Barkat Awareness Sessions


Barkat is a Shari’ah compliant, livestock-based poverty reduction initiative and project of The NGO World. Bulls are provided to small home based livestock farmers on partnership basis along with the provision of services related to animal health and awareness to get maximum profit, in Khanewal District.

Barkat Team realizes and understands the needs of farmers and community. By the time to time, different activities have planned for community and beneficiaries.  Keep needs in mind, Barkat program team designed and organized “Awareness Campaign” for household livestock farmers. For this purpose, Barkat Team conducted awareness sessions for 200 household livestock farmers from 18-25 March 2018.


Goal & Purpose: The following were the goal and purpose of the sessions;

  • To sensitize about better livestock farming.
  • To aware better livestock farming community about diseases and remedy.


Objectives of Awareness sessions:

The sole objective of this project is to enable livestock farmers to acquire sustainable and safe farming practices. TNW’s Barkat project team in collaboration with Veterinary officials, Hospitals, and Universities, conducted these sessions;

  • To secure food.
  • Aims to save lives.
  • Avert hunger.
  • Protect rural livelihoods.


More specifically, the Food Security aims to:

  • Provide immediate lifesaving food assistance.
  • Protect and preserve livestock assets in order to restore food security and livelihoods.
  • Protect and preserve rural assets to restore food security and livelihoods



Keeping educational and level of understanding of farmers and community, the following methodologies and techniques were adopted;

  • Group discussion.
  • Round talks (Interactive)
  • Videos of Experts (Veterinary Doctors)
  • Video messages through CDs.
  • Showing best practices through videos.
  • Displayed messages on Pena flex.
  • Q&A


Guests & Technical Experts:

Experts from the town were specially invited and participated to deliver technical guidelines on the spot to farmers. Dr. Sohail, LSO Kabirwala, Dr. Talib Hussain, LSO Alipur and District LO Khanewal were guests of honors. They answered the queries from farmers, community members and participants.

Best Practice:

The best practice of these awareness sessions were the close coordination, collaboration and linkages with government livestock department with TNW. All concerned departments and officers were onboard and participated the sessions.


Awareness sessions were conducted on the following locations of district Khanewal;

  • Chah Qureshiwala. Moza/UC Okaanwala
  • Baar Shaheed.
  • Kukkar Hatta, Tehsil Kabir wala District Khanewal.


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