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Awareness on issues of health & hygiene


This is part of awareness campaign launched for children and women of slums (ZEST schools target community)

As first step of health & hygiene awareness campaign we conducted training of 25 masters’ trainers on 16-18 August 2016 in a ZEST School established in Goth Ali Akbar Shah. In the 03 days training, our facilitator Ms. Somaira Kiani Delivered lectures and presentation on various aspects of health and hygiene including issues of personal hygiene, home based cleanliness and environment. She managed different activities for practical demonstration of the issue and solutions related to health & hygiene. Participants were also engaged in group work and were prepared as effective trainers for the women and children. Participants also prepared their session plans and schedule to be delivered among their target children and women

In second step our master trainers started their session with ZEST students and women living around their schools. Every master trainer will aware 100 target audience in 03 sessions as a result 2500 women will and children will be benefited by the campaign on said topic  during the month of august 2016..

In feedback our team came to know that this is first time, these women and children are given such valuable information to improve their lives by adopting principals of health and hygiene in their routine life.

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