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TNW’s core initiatives INGOLAM is committed to the capacity development of the NGO sector. INGOLAM has already delivered a number of trainings on social mobilization, project proposal development, fundraising, use of social media, poverty alleviation, project management, youth social entrepreneurship, and disaster management etc. The institute offers services of seasoned trainers/facilitators with the expertise to strengthen the organizations and groom the professionals, hence ensuring their optimal output for the ultimate benefit of their target communities.

Social mobilization is the key, base and backbone of any project. Strong social mobilization ensures the sustainability of the project. Meaningful community engagement and participation can be ensured through well organized and planned social mobilization process. TNW paid its role to prepare best social workers for social work.
Keep in view the importance of social mobilization, Institute of NGO Leadership and Management (INGOLAM), a subsidiary of The NGO World planned and execute successful a 3 days training workshop on” Art of Social Mobilization” at Islamabad from October 11-13, 2017. The training had package of presentations, discussions, group works and role plays in a participatory way.
Mr. Atiq Mirza was the lead trainer. Total 15 participants were participated. The training was funded and subsidized by The NGO World Foundation. The Trainers highlighted the successful Barkat Model of Islamic Model of Financing (TNW), Philosophy, and Historical background, other relevant skills needed for Social Mobilization and to become a best Social animator.

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