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Annual Result Day at ECCE Shahdra


Islamabad April 01, 2016: The NGO World team celebrated annual day of Early Child Care Education (ECCE) centre at Shahdra Islamabad. Cute kids with colorful dresses presented their performances and delivered smiles by their active participation in all segments of the event. Mothers of the pre school students and community activists were present in the ceremony and distributed gifts and prizes among the performers.

“The early years are recognized as a vital stage in children’s physical, linguistic, intellectual and emotional development. ECCE refers not only to what is happening within the child, but also to the care that child requires in order to thrive.”  In ZEST ECCE centers, pre-school determines how a child learns and relates to school and life in general. It is during early care that a child develops all the key elements of emotional intelligence, confidence, curiosity, purposefulness, self control, connectedness, the capacity to communicate and co-cooperativeness.


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