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A visit to ZEST Centres Karachi by Experts from World Bank and JICA


A team of experts from World Bank, JICA, Sindh Literacy & NFE department, and Reform Support Unit visited The NGO World’s established Non-Formal Education Centers under ZEST program at Karachi. The team members were   Mr. Shinsaku Nomura, (Senior Economist World Bank), Ms. Maliha (World Bank), Ms. Chiho (Chief Advisor JICA), Mr. Abid Gill (Deputy Chief Advisor JICA), Ms. Gulnaz Jabeen (Provincial Coordinator JICA Sindh), Ms. Memoona, Dr. Dilshad (Educationist & Researcher) and Mr. Alam Thaeem (Director, Literacy & Non-Formal Education Department Sindh).

Mr. Zafar Iqbal (Chairman, The NGO World) and Mr. Sardar Shakeel (Project Manager ZEST, Karachi) welcomed all the guests and facilitated the visitors.

The basic purpose of the visit was to assess the NFE centres, vulnerability & accessibility of the community towards education, challenges, and opportunities. Secondly, to assess the role and expertise of The NGO World in NFE. Mr. Shinsaku and Ms. Maliha from World Bank grabbed information from TNW & JICA team about the establishment of NFE centres. They asked the criteria of NFE, Teacher, and students from TNW team. Mr. Zafar Iqbal & Mr. Shakeel explained all the process from selection of area for establishing centres to the selection of teachers, supervisors and the students They also shared the engagement and involvement of the community in each step. Mr. Shinsaku appreciated the transparency of working of TNW and also cherished the community participation in the promotion of education. He liked the model, where the community provides places for schools and the hiring of local teachers.

Mr. Shinsaku and Ms. Maliha interacted with teachers and learners. They asked questions from teachers regarding teaching methodology. They also took feedback from students about their daily routine.

Mr. Abid Gill from JICA shared the supporting role of JICA in the provision of books, technical assistance, and facilitation. He also shared the support and facilitation of Government Literacy Department Sindh. Dr. Dilshad shared the importance of teachers training and research.

In the end, Mr. Shinsaku and Ms. Maliha, thanked TNW for facilitation and doing such a wonderful job in the education sector. They thanked and appreciated teachers and students for their commitment and dedication for getting the education.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal presented the TNW profile and ZEST booklet to distinguished guests.

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