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A Tribute to RIDA Teachers; Who are making a difference

Khanewal, October 5th 2017: Salam Teacher Day was celebrated in RIDA Girls College Mahnisyal Khanewal. Students and participants of the event paid tribute to the teachers. Retried headmistress madam Shafqat Rasool was the chief guest of the ceremony and Executive Director of TNW Foundation Mr. Zafar Iqbal sb was the guest of honor. The head teachers of other private schools of Khanewal were also invited in this ceremony.
Razia Soqeen, RIDA student, paid tribute to all honorable teachers in her English speech. Mr. Zafar Iqbal said, “we are here and we are respected due to remarkable role of our teachers. Teacher is a true agent of change in society”. He further said, “A teacher is honored by God and Holy Prophet. We should respect them from the core of our heart”. He also paid tribute to his teacher sir ZikaUllah sb who was the real inspiration behind his success.

Mr. Rao IjaZ expressed his feelings about the greatness of teachers and paid tribute in these words: “Without our teachers we are nothing”.

Ustad ki azmat ko tarazoo main na tolo. …..ustad to her dorre main anmol rha ha..

Madam shafqat thanked Zafar Iqbal sb and then she told how she played a role in spreading lights of education and more than 5000 girls got education from her. At the end all teachers were presented with shields go honor.




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