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ZEST (ZakaUllah Educational Support and Training)

The founder chairman of TNW Foundation finds himself lucky enough to quench his thirst for knowledge from a thought-provoking personality Mr. ZakaUllah. The role-model personality as a teacher had a good impact on the heart and mind of the founder. To acknowledge his mentor he designed an educational support program on his name “ZakaUllah Educational Support & Training (ZEST)”.

VISION behind ZEST program is to support the students in need by imparting quality education, transfer of life skills and tenable them to embrace practical life with full confidence.

ZEST support includes;

  1. Scholarship scheme for poor but talented students to help them continue their education till destiny while keeping their dignity unharmed.
  2. A low-cost non-formal school system designed to teach out of school children up to primary level and facilitate them towards mainstream schooling by completing their primary education in only three years.

Through these support initiatives, ZEST aims to:ZEST- The NGO World Foundation

  • Make education attractive for the poor and not to think to educate their kids a burden.
  • Reduce drop-out of poor students and improve their attendance ratio at schools.
  • Revive the education of students who had left schools or remained neglected in recent years.
  • Complement the efforts of government & UN to enhance literacy rate among poor families and achieve SDGs 4.
  • Motivate the teachers to become a role model to their students by delivering quality education.

Keeping in view the situation that Pakistan has the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children (OOSC) with an estimated 22.8 million children aged 5-16, generous likeminded philanthropists and donors must come forward to support ZEST to expand its circle of services.

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