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Your Support is only Hope for Flood Victims

33 million people had been hit by the floods so far - around 15% of the population.
The losses caused by floods this season were comparable to those during the floods of 2010-11. Government has asked for international help in battling deadly flood damage in the impoverished Islamic nation as rescuers struggled to evacuate thousands of marooned people from flood-hit areas.

HIGHLIGHTS of Pakistan Floods 2022

On 26th August 2022 Friday, the National Disaster Management Authority updated that;


We need your generous donations to help flood-affected families rebuild their lives.

As always, The NGO World Foundation is on the front lines, providing humanitarian aid from the very beginning. Our dedicated workers are working tirelessly and providing them with ration packs, cooked meals, shelters/tents, and clean drinking water to survive. We are also carrying out medical camps, providing medical assistance to those affected and injured.

...and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity." (Holy Quran)

First Phase (Relief):

In the first phase, The NGO World Foundation is immediately engaged in the following relief activities as per need of the affected families:

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Second Phase (Rehabilitation)


Account Title: The NGO World Foundation
Bank Name: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
Branch: Shah Rukne Alam Colony (1995)
Account #: 4075965852
IBAN: PK21NBPA1995004075965852

Jazz Cash:

Your donations will enable us to continue the humanitarian support for the affected people. Your support is big hope to them, please keep it alive….

For further information and queries, please contact us:

WhatsApp # 0092 345 8024696

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