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Turkish Visit: The NGO World Chairman Engages Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı for Community Impact

Turkish Visit: The NGO World Chairman Engages Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı for Community Impact

In a significant step towards strengthening collaboration and enhancing the impact of joint ventures on target communities, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, the Chairman of The NGO World Foundation, is on a visit to Turkey, where he met with various stakeholders and heads of partner organizations. On 19gh October 2023, his visit to the headquarters of Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı in Ankara represents a pivotal moment in fortifying collaborative efforts and gauging the impact of joint ventures on communities targeted for assistance.

Mr. Iqbal held a crucial meeting with the honorable Director General of Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı, Mr. İzani Turan. The agenda of their meeting primarily revolved around matters of collaboration and the profound impact of joint initiatives on the communities they serve. This meeting symbolized the commitment of both organizations to work hand in hand for the betterment of underserved populations.

Furthermore, Mr. Iqbal also had the privilege of meeting with Deputy General Manager of Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı, Mr. Abdurrahman Çetin. This meeting was instrumental in assessing the progress of ongoing projects and devising plans for future implementations. Both watched video documentaries showcasing the transformational impact of education projects on the lives of underserved children, emphasizing the significance of their collaborative efforts.

One of the remarkable joint projects that were discussed during the visit is the “ZEST Education Project,” which is making a substantial impact on the lives of children in need. Approximately 10,000 out-of-school children are benefiting from this initiative, providing them with access to education and the hope of a brighter future.

The collaboration between The NGO World Foundation and Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı is a testament to the power of cooperation in making a tangible difference in the lives of underserved communities. This visit and the discussions held serve as a reminder of the dedication of both organizations to continue their vital work and make a lasting impact on those who need it most.

During his visit, Mr. Zafar Iqbal presented a comprehensive 13-year progress report on projects completed in collaboration with Turkish donors. This report highlighted the substantial achievements and milestones reached through the combined efforts of The NGO World and Turkish donor organisations.

Mr. Iqbal took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Director General İzani Turan for the warm hospitality and the trust placed in The NGO World Foundation.

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