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Turkish Ambassador Commemorates The NGO World’s Turkiye Earthquake Support

The NGO World Foundation has been awarded a certificate of recognition from the Turkish Embassy Pakistan for its humble efforts in providing crucial assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey in February 2023. This recognition highlights the organization’s  commitment to humanitarian aid and its dedication to supporting communities in times of crisis.

In coordination with Turkish Embassy in Islamabad, The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and Local Partners in Turkiye, The NGO World Foundation responded swiftly to the catastrophic earthquake that caused widespread destruction and claimed numerous lives in Turkey. Led by its founder, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, the organization deployed its resources to provide essential aid and support to the affected communities.

During their visit to Kahramanmaraş, Turkey in March, The NGO World Foundation distributed 2,200 weatherproof blankets proudly made in Pakistan, ensuring that the affected individuals had protection from the harsh conditions. Additionally, the organization conducted a comprehensive aid distribution program in collaboration with its partners, delivering essential supplies such as child food, snacks, medical boxes, blankets, and hygiene kits. These efforts helped alleviate the immediate needs of the affected population.

The NGO World Foundation’s ZEST Education Program, based in Korangi, Karachi, played an inspiring role in supporting the people of Turkey. The program mobilized its students, teachers, and community members to organize fundraising activities and the funds were donated to Turkey Diyanet Director General Mr. Izani Turan, contributing to the relief efforts. Additionally, The NGO World Foundation contributed to Turkey Red Crescent Director General Mr. Ibrahim Altan, further demonstrating solidarity with the affected communities.

On this appreciation Mr. Chairman said that we firmly believe in importance of providing assistance and support during times of crisis and it was our duty to extend a helping hand to those affected by devastating earthquake.

The NGO World Foundation expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Turkish Embassy for this prestigious recognition. The certificate of appreciation serves as a testament to the shared commitment of the organization and the embassy in extending humanitarian aid to those affected by natural disasters. It will serve as a constant reminder to The NGO World Foundation to persistently pursue its mission with even greater vigor and determination.

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