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TNW Community Centre - Space for Everyone

The role of TNWCC is also based on arts, leisure and social activities in promoting adult well-being and healthy lifestyles. With support of philanthropists, TNW plans to establish more community centers to promote lifelong learning in the country.

TNW Community Centers are public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes. TNW Community Centers are established and equipped to work as a potential institutional vehicle to address day to issues of the community be ensuring their participation. “TNWCC acts as an institution within the community where society is directly involved in the development process. In different project areas, TNW has introduced this concept as a solution to provide learning access to the community within their system. Through this concept, TNW tries to cover the learning needs of children and adults in the same institution, which is cost-effective. One of the key objectives of TNW Community Center (TNWCC) is to empower the undeserved communities. The TNWCC provides lifelong learning opportunities to the community members including adults, women, youth, and children. It is a multi-functional platform to be used for basic and post-literacy, continuing education, skill training,, saving and income generation activities.