The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, featuring the 17 Sustainable Development Goals was unanimously adopted by world leaders at a historic UN summit in September 2015. TNW believes civil society organizations play a vital role in providing basic services to communities that governments and the private sector are unable to reach. To achieve the UN’s ambitious goals by 2030, civil society organizations must also be prepared for an active role in selecting success indicators.
TNW is linking thousands of youth, NGO’s workers, professionals and researchers daily in online collaboration and engagement, launched a major effort to mobilize its global network and other global partners to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of targets relating to future international development.

“TNW aims to mobilize NGOs to play a significant role in the context of national SDG an implementation that we consider particularly relevant: holding the stakeholders to account, implementing projects, and communicating the SDGs.”

TNW ensures to incorporate all programs activities and objectives linked with SDGs. TNW under this program also provides the opportunities to youth groups, NGOs and other stakeholders to build their capacities so that everyone can contribute towards the global goals.

PAKISTAN SDGs FORUM: 25th September 2018: THE NGO WORLD organized an event “Pakistan SDGs Forum 2018”. It was to celebrate SDGs Day in Pakistan that is part of Global campaign to Localize SDGs. Representatives of Planning Commission Pakistan, Universities, Youth Groups and Civil Society organizations graced the forum.

SDG image- The NGO World FoundationSDGs Model Village: Keeping in mind the fact, achieving the SDGs to end hunger and extreme poverty by 2030 will depend crucially on developing rural areas in the poorest nations of the world, TNW has taken a practical initiative “SDGs Model Village”. Through this initiative we plan to address some crucial issues, like financing productive investment, harnessing technology for agriculture transformation, promoting entrepreneurial rural economies and combining infrastructure investment that mainly impacts on productivity which subsequently creates enough livelihood activities in rural areas.

The goals of Converting Ghareeb Abad Village into SDGs Model Village will be achieved by increasing the attention in youth development through knowledge, skills and participation in development activation.