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The NGO World singed an agreement with KarMuqabla to digitalise ZEST-NFE

The NGO World signed an agreement with KarMuqabla to digitalize ZEST- NFE (Piloting Phase).

The aim is to introduce a technology-based integrated learning model developed by KarMuqabla in ZEST Non-Formal Education centers. To execute the learning aid material The NGO World has 05 selected ZEST-NFE centers in Karachi. In order to get desired outcomes ZEST teachers will be given training on the following parameters blending the existing pedagogy with the digital material using the specially designed video lesson complemented by games. Handling of gadgets Troubleshooting in case of technology lag to dovetail formative and summative assessment with the new learning material.

After the successful piloting, the holistic execution plan will be provided by the KarMuqabla team.

It is important to mention that through ZEST Educational Support Project we are targeting 10,000 out-of-school children to bring them back to school. It is a model with 1 room, 35 students, 1 teacher & books. It is a mission to educate out of school through non-formal education. Low cost, accelerated learning, a way to raise the literacy rate in Pakistan. This agreement is part of the continuous efforts of making the initiative more effective and technology-based.

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