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Sustainable Seconds: The NGO World's Clock Symbolizes Commitment to UN-SDGs

Sustainable Seconds: The NGO World’s Clock Symbolizes Commitment to UN-SDGs

January 01, 2024: In a distinctive move to champion the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), The NGO World has unveiled a promotional wall clock that ingeniously incorporates the global goals on its timekeeping face. This innovative design not only underscores the organization’s commitment to the UN agenda but also serves as a powerful message encouraging other NGOs to adopt and localize these goals.

The clock, a part of The NGO World’s promotional materials, features the SDGs displayed on the wheel of the clock, symbolizing the organization’s ownership and dedication to the global objectives. By placing these goals at the forefront of a common household item, The NGO World aims to raise awareness and emphasize the significance of sustainable development in our daily lives.

This creative initiative not only serves as a visual representation of The NGO World’s commitment but also acts as an invitation for other non-profit organizations to actively participate in achieving the SDGs. The organization believes that by localizing these global goals and engaging in collaborative efforts, NGOs can play a pivotal role in addressing and overcoming the challenges outlined by the UN.

Through this symbolic gesture, The NGO World Foundation hopes to inspire a collective movement among NGOs worldwide, urging them to integrate the SDGs into their missions and work towards the betterment of local and global communities. The message extends beyond The NGO World Foundation itself, encouraging other NGOs to actively participate in achieving the SDGs. The organization envisions a collaborative effort among NGOs worldwide, working towards the betterment of local and global communities.

Founder of The NGO World Foundation, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, expressed the belief that the clock’s symbolic presence in homes and offices will serve as a daily inspiration for individuals to reflect on the importance of sustainable development.
Mr. Zafar Iqbal, further enriched the unveiling of the SDG-infused wall clock by including a profound saying of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Imprinted on the clock is the powerful message, “The Best Amongst Mankind is One Who Benefits Humanity.” This addition not only reflects the organization’s dedication to universal values but also emphasizes the timeless principle of serving humanity.

The clock serves as a reminder that each passing moment is an opportunity for progress, and by aligning with the UN agenda, NGOs can contribute significantly to the achievement of sustainable development goals on a global scale.

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