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Social Work Encouragement

The NGO World took initiative to celebrate the valuable work done for humanity. For this, sinse 2014, SWERA Awards were honored to individual social workers, organizations and departments. The aim of SWERA Award is to celebrate and promote inspirational stories of social work executed by individual social workers or organizations/departments.

Specific criteria and elements of the SWERA Awards are as follows:

  1. Social Work Ethics: Promotion and demonstration of the core values and behaviors set out in the field social work.
  2. Making a Difference: Does the nomination provide evidence that the project or programme was having a tangible effect and making difference in the lives of beneficiaries?
  3. Networking for Social Good: Has the nominee introduced effective joint-working arrangements that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organizations?
  4. Sustainability: Will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated by other actors in their respective areas?
  5. Inclusion: Has the nominee been inclusive, engaging the individual strengths, talents and experiences of teams and considered all groups of society or stakeholders in providing social services?
  6. Innovative: Has the nominee used innovative approaches and made the best use of the technology available?
  7. Children’s Social Worker: if someone have made a positive difference to the lives of children through their outstanding work.
  8. Student Social Worker: open to all university students studying social work who are showing outstanding potential in their studies. They will be able to demonstrate how they have surpassed expectations and have a thorough understanding of social work theory and practice.
  9. UN-SDGs: are you as an individual or organization taking actions to help achieve the United Nation Sustainable development Goals?
  10. Made the Pakistan Proud: If you are working diligently to promote a proPakistan image around the globe and your efforts determine the quality of the social change that we all desire to manifest in Pakistan?

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