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Shared Goals, Shared Impact TiKA Head Engages with The NGO World Chairman in Islamabad

Shared Goals, Shared Impact: TiKA Head Engages with The NGO World Chairman in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, December 28, 2023 – Mr. Muhsin Balci Engages in Productive Talks with The NGO World Chairman.

In a significant meeting held today at The NGO World’s Islamabad office, Mr. Muhsin Balci, Head of Turkish International Coordination Agency – TiKA in Pakistan, was warmly received by the Chairman of The NGO World. The Chairman provided a comprehensive overview of The NGO World’s impactful journey and diverse programs, spanning over a decade since 2010.

During the meeting, the Chairman showcased the tangible impact of The NGO World’s initiatives, drawing attention to the organization’s well-thought-out and innovative projects. Mr. Balci expressed his admiration for the dedication and success of The NGO World in contributing to community development.

The discussions delved into future collaborations, emphasizing the shared commitment to advancing community welfare. Both leaders explored potential areas of cooperation, envisioning joint efforts for sustainable development projects.

As a token of appreciation, the Chairman presented Mr. Muhsin Balci with an honorary shield, symbolizing the mutual respect and partnership between The NGO World Foundation and TiKA. The meeting concluded on a positive note, paving the way for a collaborative future focused on making a lasting impact on communities in need.

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