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Session on “Communication Skills for Teachers” at ZMHS Karachi

A training session “Communication Skills for Teachers” was conducted on 22nd Oct 2022 at ZEST Model High School Karachi. The main purpose of this activity was to enable the ZEST model High School teachers to communicate clearly and effectively with their learners, management, and community by improving their verbal and non-verbal communication styles and enhancing interpersonal skills.
The Education Specialist at ZEST Educational Support Project, Ms. Hina Ali Shaikh explained through presentations and activities, how communication skills help teachers in problem-solving, decision-making, and becoming professional educators.
The training was very well planned and structured, and all the staff members including Principal ZMHS participated in this session.
Session also covered: What communication is all about, types of communication and its components, features, and benefits of effective communication, and improving body language and listening skills.
At the end of this training session, all the participants expressed their views that they learned a lot about the art of communication and interpersonal skills.
ZEST Model High School is a project of The NGO World Foundation, a part of a campaign to teach out-of-school children through formal and Nonformal Education Centers.

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