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SabaWala Crisis and Resettlement

Sobay wala was a small village of UC kotla Haji shah of District Layyah comprising of almost 200 families. During the devastating floods of 2010 almost half of the populations lost their house along with land due to erosion.

Affected families are living in borrowed homes of big landlords where they are continuously under mental and social stress especially women and children are facing hardships. Some others are still under tents.

TNW identified such families and putting efforts to resettle them. So far 50 families are targeted and being given proper shelter (construction of homes). These houses are being built on a single shared location (kukar wala) like a small village with other requirements especially proper sewerage and arrangements for clean water. TNW is providing A-class construction material along with technical services of its engineers while community is participating by providing skilled and un-skilled labour.

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