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Revival Carpet Industry In Layyah

In district Layyah, local household carpet industry is counted as one of the main source of livelihood. Besides other devastation, the recent flood has also badly affected the said industry .it is pertinent to mention that Union Council Kotla Haji Shah, most of the local population depends upon that industry. According to an acute estimation, around 1500 families of the area are attached with this profession. The recent flood year 2010 has not only made suffered the local communities but also damaged their only source of economic growth.

During the survey it is explored that about 263 units of small scale household carpet industry were destroyed and as a result families who were depending for their livelihood on this industry are under severe financial and social stress.

During the floods, industry is affected in following ways;

  • Sheds in which these units were installed destroyed
  • Stored raw material destroyed
  • Tools and equipments lost
  • Stock of product destroyed

The affected people are also facing pressure from those parties/middle men who had paid them to prepare products and also the merchants from whom they had borrowed raw materials.

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In that context, the applicant Organization, THE NGO WORLD (TNW) has decided undertaken the initiative to provide them shelter regarding construction of around (150) single room shades in first phase of project.

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