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RESPONSE - To Lessen The Suffering

In a world torn by selfish motives, conflicts, hostilities, disasters, pain, and misery, we rarely come across true compassion that is the driving force behind our RESPONSE program. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion, our selfless and hardworking team members remain engaged to lessen the sufferings of disaster hit people.

RESPONSE was launched to reach the victims of the devastating floods 2010 in Southern Punjab and continued its activities during earthquake 2015 in Khyber Province and 2009 in Mirpur AJK.

The RESPONSE program has long list of services, a few selective are given below,

  • Distribution 230,000 relief items (Food & nonfood) of 356 types among more than 7711 affected families at 72 locations of Southern Punjab districts (Floods 2010).
  • Completed the project of rebuilding 100 carpet weaving sheds thereby restoring the livelihood of 400 families in Layyah district (Floods 2010).
  • Installation of 1000 Biosand Water filters to ensure the availability of clean drinking water (Floods 2010).
  • Rehabilitation of 22 Feeder Schools in Layyah. Construction of buildings and bathrooms, installation of hand pumps and provision of school accessories to help 1225 students (boys & girls) restart their educational journey (Floods 2010).
  • One room and two room permanent shelters were constructed for 130 families of Layyah and Muzaffargarh districts (Floods 2010).
  • In free health camps, thousands of flood-affected patients of district Layyah were treated (Floods 2010).
  • Completed a project of psychosocial care to the 100 mentally ill people affected by post-disaster stress in Layyah district (Floods 2010).
  • Distributed fodder seed among 300 floods affected farmers in district Rajanpur (Floods 2010).
  • Distributed 300 food packs among earthquake victims in Shangla district of KPK (Earthquake 2015).
  • Provision of livelihood support to victims (Earthquake 2019)

Support in construction of houses and washroom (Earthquake 2019)
Other than disasters TNW under RESPONSE managed Free Cataract Surgeries of 1200 poor eye patients with the provision of glasses and lenses.