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Providing Shelter for Flood Victims

Two Rooms Shelter: In early recovery phase The NGO World supported flood-affected communities by providing shelter to them. In Layyah district, these were complete houses comprising of two bedrooms, veranda, kitchen and bathroom.  Two UCs, Kotla Haji Shah and Lohanch Nasheb were focused. Target beneficiaries were the neediest and vulnerable families especially, shelter less widows, orphans, disabled or poor parents with a large number of children particularly girls.

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Single Room Shelter: In this category, The NGO World constructed single room shelter. In this category affected communities of districts Muzaffargarh (UCs: Ghazi Ghat, Qasba Gujrat, Bait Qaim Wala) and Layyah (UCs: Kotla Haji Shah and Lohanch Nasheb) were targeted.

In both types, the community participated by providing skilled and unskilled labor. Most of the families participated on self-basis in the construction process.

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