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PATH - Unlocking Youth Potential

Youth form the backbone of every nation. The role of youth is of utmost importance in today’s world. It has proved itself in the field of politics, trade, economy, societal uplift, and aesthetics. Young participation in every field determines the nation’s course of development and prosperity. Youth are gifted with the spontaneity to recognize problems and can solve them in ways far more effective and innovative than the previous generation. Youth energy and motivation act as strong forces in social movements.

Pakistan is very lucky in terms of the youth population, approximately 60% of the total population. PATH is initiative of TNW Foundation meant to deal with the issues specifically related to youth. Targeting all between the ages of 15-29 years. PATH resolves to make them into socially and economically capable, responsible citizen, and dignified ambassadors of Pakistan.

Every year internees from various departments of different institutions participate in internship and volunteer in service programs. PATH team manages lectures and coaching sessions along with completing practical assignments.

PATH works for:

  • Character development and ethical enrichment activities
  • Mentoring and coaching sessions to impart life skills
  • Sports, recreation and other activities promoting physical fitness and teamwork
  • Youth social entrepreneurship and technological/vocational Skills
  • Engage Youth in civic participation and partners in decision making
  • Orientation workshops on UN Sustainable development Goals with focus on role of youth

PATH delivers the message to youth;

 “We all have many opportunities, but limited capacity to pursue them. Make choices, focus your time and energy, so that you can submit your share of masterpieces to the greater good.”

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