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Networking Session at Legal Rights Forum


January 26, 2018 (Friday)

Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Executive Director, The NGO World was on the tour to Karachi for networking and knowledge sharing with other social & development organizations. During his visit, he was called upon a Legal Rights Forum to attend a session on “Networking for Social Good” on January 26, 2018. Mr. Zafar Iqbal conducted a session on the topic, in which 15 participants from different organizations and institutes participated. Mr.  Zafar Iqbal Share the journey of The NGO World. How this organization initiated and started its work through social media and then spread to all over Pakistan and abroad. He shared TNW’s programs and success. He proudly, shared that TNW is now the partner of OIC’s SESRIC and future pieces of training plan under SESRIC. Moreover, He told the partnership with UNIW and Turkish Red Crescent Society.

He threw light on the importance of networking. He told that we will be more powerful and strong in the implementation of project activities through collaboration and networking.

Networking allows us to share experiences, knowledge and good practices with each other. It also beneficial for all to get any new project from the donor. It could be part of learning with others success or failure.

Participants much appreciated the efforts of TNW and also supported the views of Mr.  Zafar Iqbal on networking and collaboration. They also urged to make networking more meaningful, beneficial and productive for others.

At the end, Mr. Zafar Iqbal invited all the participants and organizations to participate in “World NGO Day 2018 at Islamabad, he also invited them to showcase their exceptional work during NGO exhibition 2018 on the occasion of world NGO Day 2018-Pakistan.


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