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Maintain Your Environment

By designing and launching “MY Environment” program TNW has taken the step to create professional relationships with the relevant government departments and organizations working on the environment to complement their efforts of environmental/agricultural conservation along with managing projects to address issues affecting the environment. “My Environment” believes in sustainable living where more people live close to nature and eco-villages because this change is necessary in order to save our planet.

Under this program TNW make efforts with aim to raise awareness and inspire society to tackle environmental issues by conserving taking measures. Events, seminars and workshops are managed in coordination with government departments, corporations, educational institutions, NGOs and the general public.

 Since 2017 TNW every year launches a plantation campaign with coordination of government departments. Thousands of plants have been planted so far in educational institutions and public places.

By ensuring your participation and donation to the “My Environment”, you are there for all our children and coming generations who face a collapsing world destroyed by greed and consumption. Join us and invest in building a sustainable model of life for us and the future generations.