NGOs and individual philanthropists were working separately to help the needy as a result the GOODNESS remained invisible. Although there were individual stories of Social Good to share but hopelessness still prevailed. Thus, Mr. Zafar Iqbal the founder, when he saw people getting connected by social media more than any other medium, was motivated to connect and build a platform to bring everyone together for greater good. There were those who could be of service to humanity; there were those who needed help; and then there were those who could donate. Some needed work and the others wanted work done, some needed training and others knew how to train. In this scenario he took the initiative voluntarily by creating a social media group named as “The NGO World” in 2009 and abbreviated it as “TNW”. This initiative started to network social entities like NGOs, Foundations, Associations, Philanthropists, Service Providers, Professionals, Development Activists and Social Workers. The aim was to share and interconnect all relevant information about the social sector and enhance the collaborations, ultimately resulting in value based social good for the communities in need. The aim is to make good work evident and the impact of that work is a visible one on the lives of the destitute people. TNW has achieved great repute and popularity over time. Thousands of professionals have availed beneficial opportunities and earned a wealth of knowledge from this social media networking platform.