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Internees Exposure Visit Under PATH Program 2018 Multan

Date: 19-07-2018

Exposure Visit of Students to Barkat Project:

TNW has arranged exposure visit for 06 interns to ZEST project. During exposure, they visited ZEST School Basti Delay Wala, Qadir Pur Ran, Multan and Basti Asgharabad, Kabirwala, Khnewal.

Mr. Husnain Raza of TNW, briefed them about ZEST project. He shared in detail, the process of identification of children, assessment for the establishment of center and identification of teachers. He further described the process of social mobilization and parents meeting.

Internees showed their keen interest in ZEST schools activities. They asked different questions from students to get their knowledge as per their age and class. They also equired information from teachers about attendance, school timings, involvement/coordination of parents and community support and participation. They also have seen documentation and record keeping of schools.

Internees are asked to provide the brief report of this exposure visit to Mr. Husnain.

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