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Participation of Turkish Delegation in Inaugural Ceremonies 2011

A Turkish delegation comprising of high-level management of Deniz Feneri Turkey, donors and journalists visited the projects completed and participated in inaugural ceremonies in Layyah.


  • President and General Secretary of Deniz Feneri visited The NGO World office.
  • A documentary on projects was shown in office.
  • Mr. Zafar Iqbal welcomed them and presented details of projects completed.
  • Concerned documents (Project Completion Reports, Handing over Letters, Goods Receiving Forms, official MOUs & Letter,  and Financial Statements) were handed over to General Secretary of Deniz Feneri.
  • On Day-01, Delegation visited newly constructed Feeder School Baseera (Layyah) and delivered gifts to the students.
  • On Day-01, Delegation visited newly established small village (Basti Turki) and delivered handing over certificates to the beneficiaries.
  • On Day-01, Delegation visited Basti Chandia Khan to inaugurate the project on Revival of Carpet Industry.
  • Carpet weaving community weaved a small carpet piece with the logo of Deniz Feneri.
  • On visiting the carpet industry, President Deniz Feneri said, “seeing this project I am happy that we have done something”.

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