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Inaugural of TNW Community Learning Center, Pasban Chok Korangi Karachi

The NGO World has been working in Bangali Para and surroundings for last 4 years. Passing through time, TNW realized that there should be a setup or center where community, especially females and young girls can get knowledge to improve their life skills. For this purpose, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman TNW decided to establish a community learning center (CLC) where people from all walk of life can interact each other and share knowledge and experience.

A CLC has established at Pasban Chok, Bangali Para, Korangi Karachi. A CLC in general is a community-based premise containing different books and files with knowledge and tools making accessible for people. The CLC represents a modern variant of a traditional library, gossip corner, learning center to get information and knowledge regarding Mother & Child Health, general health & Hygine, education, adult literacy, skill development and networking.

CLCs present one of the possible ways for increasing access of vulnerable people to modern knowledge, and this is important for local area where most of the women cannot read.

Establishing CLCs in local communities could help to increase access of girls and women to education, including advanced & skill based education.

Prof. Muhammad Ekhlaq from Generating Employment Alternatives for Self-Reliance (GEAR) and Institute of Business and Management (IBM), Dr. Shahid, Head of Social Work Department University of Karachi, Sindh, Dr. Mumtaz Ali (Assistant Professor Sociology Department, University of Sindh) and Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman TNW inaugurated the CLC. These promising personalities shared their gratitude to TNW for this amazing initiative.

All respected teachers assure their support and facilitation to enhance the knowledge and learning abilities of community. Moreover, they gave very useful ideas to make this CLC more beneficial and attractive for community.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman TNW, thanked to all respected teachers for their interest, support and guidance for the betterment of community and CLC.

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