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Impactful Conversations: World NGO Day 2024 at the Impact Meet-up

Impactful Conversations: World NGO Day 2024 at the Impact Meet-up

The World NGO Day 2024 event, titled “Impact Meet-up,” held at Impact House in Islamabad on February 27th, 2024, provided a vibrant platform for stakeholders within the social and development sectors to convene and partake in substantive discussions aimed at fostering collaboration and driving positive change.

Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman Mirza effectively set the tone for the day’s proceedings by offering a comprehensive overview of the agenda and objectives. A pivotal aspect of the event was the open forum discussion, where lively exchanges of ideas underscored the importance of collective action in addressing societal challenges. Participants from diverse backgrounds, including NGOs, public sector organizations, academia, and civil society, contributed a plethora of perspectives, emphasizing the significance of multi-sectoral collaboration in promoting sustainable development.

The event culminated with impactful closing remarks from Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman Mirza, emphasizing the need for continued cooperation and partnership between NGOs and public sector entities. An interlude provided attendees with the opportunity to relax and forge connections over refreshments, further nurturing the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that permeated throughout the event.

Overall, the World NGO Day 2024 event at Impact House, Islamabad, served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, inspiring participants to actively engage in efforts aimed at effecting positive societal change.

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