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Pakistan has been suffering from terrorism for many years. Attacks on schools, holy places, communities and Law enforcement agencies were creating uncertain, scary and panic situation in the country. The conflict created mistrust and rifts between and within communities, which already knew substantial educational and economic disparities as well as gender- and caste-based discrimination. Youth (defined as 16 to 30 years old) was at the core of the conflict.
To promote interfaith harmony, peaceful coexistence, and tolerance, TNW strategically includes every stakeholder particularly civil society, thought leaders, religious scholars, politicians, teachers, administration, and journalists in awareness raising sessions and dialogues.
TNW strategy about GREETINGS is based on following understandings:

• Role of education in promoting peace and harmony is vital as education can contribute to various dimensions of peacebuilding such as conflict prevention, social transformation, civic engagement and economic progress.

• Youth can play the very imperative role, they tend to be naturally idealistic, creative, and energetic. They are positioned to play a very important role in managing conflicts and differences. Where they are given adequate opportunities for positive involvement, they can be critical to ensuring longer-term stability, producing effective outcomes within communities, and offering protection from future conflicts
TNW established a District Peace Committee in District Khanewal. The committee consists of 20 members (Religious leaders, Political, teacher, Government officials, Youth representatives, Businessmen, Journalists and Civil Society).

The committee contributes to:
• Campaigns to raise awareness
• Organize peace dialogues
• Conflict Resolution

“As part of development sector, TNW realizes the importance of Peace and Harmony in the society so planned to play the role by designing a program on its agenda titled as “GREETINGS”.”