Greater Good – Networking & Sharing

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TNW was primarily established to connect all the like-minded platforms to work together for a happier and brighter future. Since its inception, it has kept the invaluable chain of philanthropists across the globe intact, through innovative and effective initiatives like regular networking events, conferences, and exhibitions.
TNW has launched a dedicated website for NGOs and development actors that is a big resource for relevant knowledge, information, and opportunities. (

The idea of Greater Good aims to:

• Enhance networking among social & development professionals, NGOs, and social scientists.
• Facilitate organizations and individuals to establish collaborations for the cause of social good
• Share innovative ideas, knowledge, success stories and resources to make the difference in lives of needy communities

TNW stands to attain the above-mentioned objectives by adopting a comprehensive and practical approach that include supporting
efforts like;

1. Social media networking, sharing information & updates, discussing issues and exploring opportunities.
2. Managing mega-events to celebrate” World NGO Day” on 27th February every year with the participation of relevant stakeholders.
3. Establishing Social Workers Encouragement, Recognition & Appreciation (SEWRA) awards.
4. Printing a Magazine “Greater Good” to cover achievements of NGO sector and relevant departments.
5. To conduct Greater Good talks and tourism.
6. Publishing NGO’s directory.

“International Secretariat of World NGO Day initiative appointed, Founder of TNW as Goodwill Ambassador of World NGO Day. Since 2014 TNW is celebrating the day of NGOs in Pakistan.”