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Enhancing Livelihoods: Barkat Project's Animal Care Workshop

Enhancing Livelihoods: Barkat Project’s Animal Care Workshop

On April 5, 2024, Barkat Project, recently held a helpful session on how to take care of animals, with Senior Veterinary Officer Dr. Imtiaz Sahib as the special guest. The event aimed to improve livelihoods by teaching better animal care methods.

Dr. Imtiaz Sahib talked about the importance of livestock in fighting poverty, especially when milk prices are low. He encouraged farmers to use the methods discussed in the session to improve their situation.

During the session, Dr. Imtiaz Sahib gave practical advice on things like feeding animals and using supplements. He also answered questions from the participants, who left feeling happy and eager to try the new methods.
Overall, the event was a success, thanks to Barkat Project Jhang’s efforts to support the community and promote better animal care practices.

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